Day-Z Standalone


DayZ is a MMO open world survival horror video game in development by Bohemia Interactive. This game is played by some of the Magnus members. However only two have ever uploaded it two there channels (Magnus Robert Magnus Dante). One update video included Day-Z footage.

Members Who Have Played ItEdit

List of VideosEdit

Grand Total = 6

Magnus RobertEdit

Dayz examplee

Example Of Magnus Robert's Thumbnails

  • Day Z Dying - Welcome To MagnusRobert (Intro Video/Trailer)
  • Day-Z Funny And Random Moments Ep.1 Ladder Safety
  • Day-Z Funny And Random Moments Ep.2 Cannibals

Magnus DanteEdit

Max example dayz

Example Of Magnus Dante's Thumbnails

  • DAYZ gone by
  • gutz
  • The good ol' dayz


Mainly DayZ has not gotten too many views with any of the members that uploaded it.

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