Magnus Gummy
Real Name Alex Kinvig
YouTube Channel [1]
Gender Male
Nationality Manx
Current Member? Yes
Member Since 12 Nov 2014


Magnus Gummy is another member of the Magnus Community and Magnus Gaming. He started his Magnus channel officially on the 12 November 2014. Magnus Gummy ended up deleting his channel in march 2015 as he didn't want to upload anymore. Magnus Gummy appears regularly in other members videos. He is considered the sexiest member in Magnus.

In Real Life

Alex is a member of the Phoenix Airsoft Squad. He is present on the Mann Airsoft Channel (MagnusTony)

List Of Games (HQ)

All of Magnus Gummy's public videos have been removed by him however footage of Magnus Gummy is present in the best of Magnus 2014 video. He does appear very regularly in other members videos

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