Magnus Jamie
Real Name Jamie Christain
YouTube Channel [1]
Gender Male
Nationality Manx
Current Member? Yes
Member Since 5 Aug 2014


Magnus Jamie is another member of the Magnus Community and Magnus Gaming. He started his Magnus channel officially on the early August 2014. Magnus has a reasonable consistency uploading on average one video a week. Magnus Jamie did appear on a few HQ video and appear regularly in other members videos.

Types Of VideosEdit

Magnus Jamie has uploaded a small range of different videos including Walkthroughs, Funny Moments, Airsoft and Skype Call Banter.

In Real LifeEdit



Magnus Jamie is considered the leader Phoenix Airsoft Squad. There is a first person prospective of him playing on his channel and he is seen in the Mann Airsoft channel. His signature weapon SIG and he is also seen using a G36. He is considered the member with the most skill.

Other AppearancesEdit

You can also see MagnusJamie in the flesh on the Magnus TalkTime Video.

List Of GamesEdit

Games Recorded On His ChannelEdit

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