Magnus Robert
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Real Name Robert Price
YouTube Channel [1]
Gender Male
Nationality Manx
Current Member? Yes
Member Since 18 Jan 2014


Magnus Robert (Robert Price) is the founder of Magnus Community and Magnus Gaming. On January 18th 2014 Robert uploaded his first video making him the official first ever member. He has gone on to upload over 100 videos to own channel, several to HQ and is in a lot of other members videos

Types Of Videos

Magnus Robert has uploaded a vast amount of different games including Walkthroughs, Funny moments and other kinds of videos. He has created two TV show Tribute videos and a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.He is also known for his IOS Sundays and Game Oldies Mondays.

In Real Life


Robert is a member of the Phoenix Airsoft Squad. He is present in MagnusJamie's Airsoft videos and on the Mann Airsoft Channel (MagnusTony). His signature Weapon is the Steyr Aug.

Other Appearances

You can see Magnus Robert in the flesh on the Magnus Talktime Video (HQ) and his own ASL ice Bucket Challenge video

List Of Games

Games Recorded On His Channel

List in chronological order

Gameplay Uploaded On the HQ

Gameplay Uploaded to Other's Channels

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