Magnus Tony
Real Name Tony Brown
YouTube Channel [1]
Gender Male
Nationality Manx
Current Member? No
Member Since Oct 6, 2014


Magnus Tony was a member of Magnus Community and Magnus Gaming. On October the 6th he officially joined by uploading his first video.

Types Of VideosEdit

He didn't upload many videos and most of them were Airsoft, Funny moments and Reaction videos.

In Real LifeEdit

Magnus Tony is a member of the Phoenix Airsoft Squad. He is present in MagnusJamie's Airsoft videos and on the Mann Airsoft Channel (MagnusTony).

Mann AirsoftEdit

Tony now runs an channel centered around airsoft videos. Some of these contain most of the Magnus members.


This was Tony's original channel before joining and leaving Magnus. He uploaded many random and different videos on this channel

Reason For LeavingEdit

Magnus Tony ended up leaving the Magnus Community as he wanted to start making his own Airsoft videos (Mann Airsoft). He wasn't that interested in recording and uploading gameplay

List Of GamesEdit

Games Recorded On His ChannelEdit

List in chronological order

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