Magnus Zanus
Real Name Sean
YouTube Channel [1]
Gender Male
Nationality Manx
Current Member? No
Member Since Jan 26, 2014


was a member of Magnus Community and Magnus Gaming. On January 26th 2014 he officially joined by uploading his first video. He was also the original Co-Founder.

Types Of VideosEdit

He uploaded many different videos and had loads of different series including 'Free Indie Fridays' and 'Race To The End'. He also did some Trailer Reviews/Breakdowns

In Real LifeEdit

Magnus Zanus appeared on the Magnus Talktime video, he was the host for that episode.

Reason For LeavingEdit

Zanus just didn't want to be apart of Magnus anymore and originally wanted to make his own channel. However he went into a life of drugs

List Of GamesEdit

Games Recorded On His ChannelEdit

List in chronological order

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